Types of Hair Extensions


Keratin Bond/Fusion Type Extensions

Brand: Great Lengths


These types of extensions are the most durable, long wearing and natural looking extensions on the market today. The synthesized keratin bond (exclusive to Great Lengths) is made of keratin with a similar molecular structure to that of the keratin found in human hair. This similarity allows the bond to swell and contract with the hair enabling the bond to remain in place much longer and without as much damage as other keratin bond products.

This is a patented technology and only found in Great Lengths pre-tipped strands. The stylist will take a small section of your natural hair and attach the bond with a heat tool that softens the keratin allowing the stylist to roll the bond into a small attachment (about the size and shape of a grain of rice).

These extensions can be worn, if cared for properly, up to 5 months. To remove, a solution is applied to “soften” the bond and pliers are then used to crack the bond allowing the release of the natural hair.  Any tangling or matting is then combed free. Most full heads of extensions are removed within 2 hours.


Tape Tab Type Hair Extensions

Brand: Hotheads, Easihair Pro &  Platinum Seamless


Tape tab extensions are 1 1/4″- 3″  wide wefts of hair with a strip of extremely durable adhesive at the top of each strand. Two wefts are used to “sandwich” a thin slice of your natural hair allowing the two sticky sides to adhere to each other and your hair. The average full head of tape tab extensions consist of  20-60 wefts/strips.

Enough natural hair on the top of the head is needed to conceal these tape bonds. These extensions can be worn for 8-10 weeks and may be re-tabbed and re-used up to 3 times. An alcohol based solvent is sprayed onto the tape and they are pulled apart easily and are ready for re-tabbing. A re-tabbing and application fee is charged but cost much less than another full head of extensions.

Microlinks Type Hair Extensions

Brands: Dream Catchers & LOX

Microlink type extensions use small beads of silicone coated aluminum and zinc to thread your hair and the additions through, then are clamped tight with pliers. These type of extensions can last 3-4 months and may need to be tightened in between. Pliers are again used to pinch the beads in an opposite direction loosening the link and allowing the addition to slide off the hair. These are not recommended for baby fine or fragile hair.