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 "I have suffered from alopecia areata (auto-immune hair loss) for over 30 years.  Jennifer has done an miraculous job filling in the “blanks” with beautiful extensions and strategic styling and cutting.  

She has helped restore my confidence and self-esteem.  Jennifer has a great eye for style and works meticulously with care.  I highly recommend her as not only an excellent hair stylist, but one that can also tackle the challenges resulting from severe and chronic hair loss.  I am so grateful to have found her!"

— Claire T.



"I have tried Hair Extensions 3 times before.  They always looked fake.  I could only keep them for about 3 months each time.  The first time were put in with beads and they pulled my hair out.  The second time was sewn in and it hurt like crazy.  The 3rd time I was allergic to the glue that was used and I could not wait to get them removed.

My husband and daughters said never to get extensions again.  So when I decided to get the Great Lengths with you I did not tell anybody I was doing it.

This time with your expert care, and the Great Lengths product there is no problem.  The bond does not irritate my scalp.  My husband and friends complement me and tell me they look natural and beautiful.

The Color is an expert match.  I have friends who are hair dressers and they could not even tell.
My former hair stylist saw them and said they are so beautiful and so natural.  She wishes she could get some too.

I love the way my hair looks and feels.  Jennifer I feel 20 years younger with them.  You are so talented and a genius artist with hair.  I keep your cards in my purse and when someone comments on my hair I give them your card. "

— Joni A.



"I have worked with many different professionals throughout my life, and I have yet to collaborate with an artist and service provider with the care, passion, eye for color and styling skills of Jennifer.

Her attention to detail, precision and mastery with extensions is unparalleled. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact, I can’t imagine ever working with anyone but her. When it comes to style, grace and world class service, Jennifer broke the mold.

I tend to be private about my own self-improvement activities, so I was nervous about how my extensions would be received. Would people know? What would they say? Who would I tell? The reactions were stunning. No one asked if I got extensions, but EVERYONE told me that I looked fabulous. Did I lose weight? Was I tan? Did I change my clothes style? What was it? I knew the truth and

I will never go back to shoulder length hair again- it’s a magical match to my own hair and a dream makeover. Thank you Jennifer."

— Tatiana S.


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