Hair Loss & alopecia SOLUTIONS


Tovani hair offers a non-surgical hair replacement solution for men and women who are too thin on top for comfort — a solution for male and female pattern hair loss, androgenic alopecia, auto immune related, thyroid, hormonal, thinning and stress related hair losses as well as tricitillamania.

The advances in technology and options available through Natural Advantage, Virtual reality, and Virtuesse have completely changed lives for the better. Using a super thin polyurethane “skin-like” system with natural and beautiful 100% human hair, we can now bond directly to the skin for a seamless look and  feel.

Each system is custom ordered to match the density and color of your natural hair allowing it to be blended easily and without detection. These systems feel so natural both to the wearer and to anyone touching the hair that you will begin to feel like it’s really yours! A true breakthrough in hair replacement.

The systems are bonded with a medical grade adhesive and are worn, depending on the system chosen, anywhere from 3-8 weeks at a time in between services. On average, 6-12 systems a year are needed and your life stays active and normal. Go to the gym, swim, shower, sleep, ski, or even hang upside down and no one will notice a thing.

Come in for a free 30 min consultation to select the perfect system and program to keep you looking fabulous all year!