Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are used for several reasons and to achieve a variety of styles and looks including volume, lengthening, highlighting and fashion streaks.


We offer clients three (3) methods of hair extensions. Each with its own distinct set of benefits and costs. You can see a variety of examples in our Before & After gallery.

One of the most common questions we receive is “how much do extensions cost?”. The truth is there are many variables involved in selecting the right type of hair extensions, factors include your personal hair type,  your current volume of hair,  the longevity of the extensions and the look you are trying to achieve.

Because of these variables we are not able to quote set and specific prices without speaking with you by email or phone. The best case situation is to have you come visit us for a free no obligation consultation. Call us at (415) 320-2537 to schedule a free consultation.

It’s during an in person consultation that we can meet with you and discuss your needs and desires and then explain each type of service we offer in more detail and together we can select the type of extensions that are best suited to your personal situation.